You Might Have a Drinking Problem!

No, I didn't mean that kind of a drinking problem. I mean you might not be drinking enough water. Your body and your brain, which are mostly water to begin with, constantly need water added to prevent all sorts of nasty side effects that accompany dehydration.

How much should I drink?

Great question! The accepted wisdom use to be 8 glasses a day. At 8 oz a glass that would put you right at a half gallon. If the glasses in your house are bigger or smaller though the math changes and if you drink something healthy, like milk, some of that counts also.

What happens if I don’t drink enough?

Again, fantastic question, pat yourself on the back. These are the kinds of questions more people should be asking. Over time dehydration can lead to chronic fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, constant headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

What doesn't help and why water wins

Ease up on the coffee, soda, and juice. Coffee is almost completely water but the caffeine content means that drinking too much can cause you to use the bathroom more, something that can actually deplete your water stores. The sugar and caffeine in soda and the fructose in juice also aren't doing your bottom line any favors, if you know what I mean.

What I’m proposing

What doesn't get measured doesn't get managed, as the saying goes. Because everyone has different sized bodies and different levels of activity, everyone has different water needs. I created a free app called Water Me to help you track your daily intake so you can tackle the rest of your day clearheaded, without any of the headaches or fatigue associated with dehydration. The app is free, I hope it helps you with your health!

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