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Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Ahh....a very common questions these days, with the number of mobile apps released per day being in the hundreds, it can be overwhelming. The final decision could be one or the other...or both!

Many people think that since mobile apps are so popular that they need to release an app ASAP, but it is important to look at many factors when deciding.

Your Customers

Determine who you are trying to reach and with what. If you are trying to reach a general audience with information about your business, including text, images, links to social media, and videos, then a website sounds like the best choice.  

Your Current Web Presence

Google reports that 56% of small businesses do NOT even have a website. If you don't have a website for your business, start there. Many users are still using search to find more about a business, and if they can't find a website for your business, then it hurts you in many ways. Customers are less trusting, have less information about your business, and have more reason to go to your competitor (who has a website).

Your Current Mobile Website (Responsive website)

So you have a website? Now make sure it is mobile friendly. Other common terms are "responsive website" or "responsive design", meaning it responds to various types of devices. Nothing makes a mobile user leave your site more quickly than when they have to zoom just to read your text. A responsive website can have the same text and pictures, but the layout just changes to make the experience easier on the many types of devices.

Your Mobile App Features

Take a look at the features you want in your mobile app. If at any point you come across a feature that is possible only on a mobile device, then that's a starting point and may mean you will need the mobile app.

Did you know? These features are possible on a mobile app and a mobile website:

  • Current location
  • Dial a phone number

Don't be stuck on one or the other right off the bat. Do your research (or let us help you) and make a long term investment in going down the right path.

Does My Business Need a Mobile App?

So you have a mobile-friendly website, eh? Now you’re wondering if a mobile app will help your business?

That question, “Do I really need an app for my business?” is a very common one, so let’s try to address that here.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, what are my goals? Here are some reasons you may want to have a mobile app.

Engage with your customers
Using a Cloud Data mobile app, your events, news, articles, specials, or even newest menu items can be entered into a backend cloud database and then displayed to your mobile users. Provide them timely updates that aren't available through web or other means.

Promote your Products and Services
Another way to engage with your current customers is by having an easier way for them to see your products and services, including new ones. Then, integrate with other apps so the customer can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform.

Easier Access to your Business
You can have many features in your mobile app, but here are a few that will make it easier for your customers to communicate with you.

  • Tap to Call - opens the devices phone making it easier for them to call you
  • Navigate Here buttons - open the native map application to get directions
  • Contact Us - open the email app

A mobile app for your business is best suited when you want an ongoing and stronger relationship with your customers. Communication, easier communication, more timely communications...more communication.

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